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Originally Posted by Suchness View Post
"He regularly took on people in street fights every day because anyone who beat him were offered movie contracts", lol where do you come up with this stuff? Bruce came to a point in his life where he didn't feel the need to prove himself to anyone, that's where the art of fighting without fighting came from.
Yea well i hate to burst your bubble but it is true, people WERE offered movie contracts if they beat Bruce in street fights. I read a TON on Bruce Lee and he would be conducting his life going through his day and REGULARLY people would come up and tap their feet in a way to challenge him. He would stop what he was doing, fight them, beat them in a few seconds and go on with his day. i didn't come up with ANYTHING. I read it from reliable sources articles that were confirmed and quotes from himself and others who knew him.

You are just a moron sorry to say. The "Art of fighting without fighting" WAS Jeet Kun Do. Do you know what Jeet Kun Do even is? It is his own style of FIGHTING of MARTIAL ARTS that HE CREATED, which challenged the entire martial arts community. Bruce NEVER reached a point where he "didn't feel the need to prove himself to anyone"

You thinking the "art of fighting without fighting" had to to with intimidation and avoiding fights is completely idiotic. In Enter the Dragon, he states "it is the art of fighting without fighting" That was LITERALLY Jeet Kun Do which is the style he became famous for.

I am not sure why you think that by you somehow intimidating people with your presence, that has ANYTHING IN THE WORLD TO DO WITH "the art of fighting without fighting"
You know absolutely nothing about Bruce Lee or Jeet Kun Do or his philosophies or martial arts. Why would you even be proud of intimidating people with your energy to avoid fights. And why would you think that has anything to do with Jeet Kun Do which IS "The art of fighting without fighting"

Bruce Lee in the last few months of his life lost a ton of weight and would smoke weed and hash and threaten people and carry guns, he never reached a point where he "didn't need to prove himself" You just have no clue about Bruce, his life, his philosophy, or martial arts
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