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Originally Posted by findyourself View Post
Itís true what they say about misery loving company.. of course, you want others to suffer. Their reality doesnít affect you because theyíre not in your life. Thatís how humankind is.. nobody really cares about each other unless youíre a part of their household family. But you gotta know.. imagine how youíre feeling and imagine your anger.. thatís how millions of other people feel too. Weíre all here and weíre all bitter inside because we canít get what we want.. well, guess what.. someone will! Some people have it all while others have nothing. Life can be summed up in two words... No fair!

Ps: with suicide rates as high as they are.. we gotta give ourselves a pat on the back for being the superior, intelligent, proactive successful people that we are!
The only thing i disagree with is that "People who have it all" aren't living some great life. "Having it all" gets boring and you can get used to anything in life. Whatever you get, it will be come stale and you will just need a bigger better more extreme version of it, and THAT will eventually lose it's luster. My point is, "having it all" is overrated
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