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Originally Posted by Suchness View Post
Nah, I've only been in a couple of fights in early high school, first one was when I stood up for a little kid who later became my best friend when he was getting pushed around by a big guy. Other time was with this kid I made fun of, lost that one lol. Later on when I learnt to fight I got close a few times but as soon as they felt my energy after starting something they backed off, when I do a lot of good training I become very confident and guys don't want that. It's what Bruce Lee called the art of fighting without fighting.
I never learned to fight but I am pretty confident that I am and would be a great fighter because i am naturally strong without any exercise or weight training in over 20 years. When I just randomly did arm wrestling contests a few times with bigger guys, I wiped the floor with them which amazed me because i am not physically active. I think I have a kind of "crazy" strength where I have so much anger in me or something that I can channel it and hold my own despite basically sitting on my butt watching TV for years. I have read a decent amount on Bruce lee and saw all his movies. What he meant by "the art of fighting without fighting" was that he, as a weapon, would use what the opponent gave him and react as opposed to just making an offensive move and exposing himself. He had a quote like, "moving, be like water, still, be like a rock, respond like an echo..." or something. He challenged ancient martial arts that taught an outdated way of fighting that was practiced for hundreds of years which was flawed. "Jeet Kun Do" which was his style, was a combination of a lot of styles, judo, thai kickboxing, regular boxing, etc. and he made a lot of enemies challenging the mainstream. I think what he means by "the art of fighting without fighting" means that Bruce would not act first, he would wait for his opponent to kick or punch and expose a certain part of their body and then react. By someone avoiding a fight with you, that is not what he was referring to. He regularly took on people in street fights every day because anyone who beat him were offered movie contracts. In Bruce's world, you must know how to fight, someone avoiding a fight with you does not prove his theory, it is not about intimidation which would make someone avoid a physical confrontation, it is about being patient and waiting for your enemy to expose themselves in one way another, Bruce was the greatest martial artist and fighter man to man maybe in the last 100 or 200 years, so he knew every way to counter someone imaginable, better than anyone else would, but his theory was never about intimidation, it was about fighting, he was saying that instead of initiating a set rigid punch and kick dumb routine like the martial arts schools taught, he would wait for his opportunity and then react in a myriad of ways. It isn't just about punching and kicking his theory and style of Jeet Kun Do can be applied to anything in life
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