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If anyone here is tired of feeling he's the puccy because he's scared to fight, the trick to whoopin that azz is attitude. What's needed is what I'll call the killer instinct. Does that imply you should bring knives and a firearm to the battle? No. What it does mean is that your gentle, kind self must, for just a brief period of time, take a back seat. For just five minutes or so, you want to stop looking at your opponent as a human being worthy of your respect and kindness, and view him as someone who's about to take an ungodly pummeling from your fists. Beating the Jesus out of this guy is now mission priority; don't worry, you didn't bring along any sort of a weapon, meaning you can have an unbridled craving to kill, but without actually killing. So as you're reighning down blow after blow on the heap of misery at your feet, his whimpering will cause you to come back to your senses, and your killer instinct will dissapate and lift. As you step back and your opponent rises to his feet, the killer had left you completely, as promised. And when your opponent extends his hand for you to shake, a sincere feeling of bonding and friendship sets in, and a lifelong friendship has just been created.
... And it's all credited to your killer instinct, who sits in the shadows, always waiting for that next bully to suffer from the reighning blows.
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