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My Two-Cents

I don't actively go out seeking interaction with other people.

However, I have had people converse with me out of the blue and I usually find it annoying because I don't like petty small-talk (especially with strangers).

That being said, I don't "hide out" in my room 'cause that's the only thing to do. If I could, I'd be going out pretty often. The fact is, I don't need to go out nor can I afford to go out every day.

The only option I see when it comes to "breaking the silence" is initiating a conversation yourself or attending something where you're likely to find someone to talk to you.

To ease your mind: I personally don't have strangers coming up to me at random every single day. It will occasionally happen every now and then but it's not a pattern nor is it all the same.

Though I have always made it my practice to be pleasant to everybody, I have not once actually experienced friendship. I have only the most painful recollections of my various acquaintances ..."
― Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human
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