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Originally Posted by KILOBRAVO View Post
was it delivered when you weren't home and they left the box on the doorstep and someone stole it? if it needed a signature, some delivery men will just scribble something of their own signature on it because they can't be arsed having to redeliver something if you weren't in or even didn't hear the door begin knocked and just leave the parcel.
I was home but taking a nap. Just looked out to see a small box outside my basement door which was the oil filter. But when I checked amazon it said their package was delivered. The times are the same for delivery on both. Luckily, they didn't take the small package which contains the oil filter for my dad's Kioti tractor. UPS leaves packages all of the time either on my front enclosed porch or in the cubby hole in front of my basement door. Going now to have packages delivered to my workplace for now on.

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