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I suffered from GAD not SA but one issue straight away with parnate is getting a high enough dose prescribed. In the UK at least its max recommended dose is 30mg but some evidence suggests that isnt high enough, with 60-80mg being a more effective dose. Gillman Fan on the forum was 150 odd mg.

I got up to 40mg when I switched from nardil but it didnt really compare to how good nardil has been for me, so switched back.

Never really got any side effects from either but nardil is probably considered heavier on that front. As for hypertensive crisis, pretty rare with either - its not like you have loads to be able compare the two - I have never had one since I started nardil 6 years ago and I eat what i want.

Try parnate if you want to really know, you can switch from one to the other pretty much straight away (i switched to and from twice, on the same day - nardil kicked back in pretty much immediately too after being on parnate for a few months.

Since nardil kicked in when i started it, i have not had one day of depression or anxiety. On parnate, I could feel things sliding down hill in the end.

Nardil for me by a long way but would be interesting to see what 100mg parnate a day would be like.

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