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Actually, there is a certain porn site Bob, as easily accessible as any website, that shows stuff like that

If you don't know which site I'm referring to, you're better off not knowing

The particular site, you can register an account, to see more footage, than you can view as a guest

They have a contact form; which I have used to ask them about the footage they accept from viewers & post on site

They actually replied

This is a direct quote from them

"We have no control over the footage posted on this site.

This is an adult pornography site & the ethos of this site is to allow anyone to express themselves, however they wish to

We don't censor material. It is for the person submitting material to be responsible for the content they upload to this site

We do appreciate the serious nature of your concern, so we have temporarily taken down the footage you refer to




Still, at least they replied; give them credit there

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