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Do strangers strike up conversation with you?

Iím in a transitional part of my life where over one month ago I left a job. I have not had the motivation, confidence or emotional wellness to try to find work again. I did have an opportunity to interview for one job that I applied for a few weeks ago but changed my mind and did not go because at that point it had been weeks since I had human interaction and did not want my first interaction to be in a job interview.

My question is whether it is typical for everyday people you encounter outside to never try initiate a conversation with you? Or is it just something about me? People usually meet other people through work or school, but do people ever meet friends just going about their day? The only people that interact with me are ones that ask for directions or money. I feel like I notice everyone around me but I am invisible to them unless they need something from me, or if I am in their way.

I donít hide out in my room and spend a good amount of time out in the city. Parks, libraries, coffee shops, malls, farmers markets, commercial districts... Yet months can pass and I donít meet anyone. Going to a meet-up is something Iíve considered to break the isolation but it would be too uncomfortable.

Is it up to me to approach people if I want to break the isolation?

Even though I am self conscious when interacting, I am not closed off and do try to emit a pleasant energy to people. I guess Iím just trying to confirm that thereís something different about me which people donít want to interact with and that normal people regularly meet and interact with other people all the time.
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