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Calling those who have been on both Nardil and parnate.

Which one do you prefer and why?
I have social anxiety with depression which is why I chose Nardil. Nardil is often known as the “gold standard” for S.A. due to its effect on GABA.

However after 8 years of being on nardil I have gained a lot of weight, and the insomnia is a pain in the ***. Also have a lot of trouble with daytime sedation in the afternoon. Therefore I’ve been thinking of switching to parnate. Is parnate as effective for social anxiety as Nardil? Is the insomnia just as bad as Nardil?

For those who have been on both, please compare the following between Nardil and parnate and mention which is worse.

Better for anxiety:
Better for depression:
Better for motivation:

Side effects (which one is worse)

Daytime sedation:
Weight gain:
Sexual side effects:

Which one gave you more hypertensive crisis from eating the wrong foods:
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