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Originally Posted by conantheworthless View Post
Well they notice whenever we have visitors I suddenly disappear but I have a good excuse for that. I don't like people to see they have a fully grown son without a job still living with them, so they kind of understand why I "flee". But I don't think they are aware of something called SA exists. Even when I'm anxious at a social gathering I tend to look cool. I'm a bit absent but I pretend to listen to the conversations and I smile every now and then. But to be honest I'm pretty sure they find me really weird. I mean I'm always at home you know doing nothing of substance... that's weird enough as it is.
I said it before in another thread but I kinda wished they were very hard on me, I think that could possible help me, just throw at the lions...
I see what you mean - but when you think about it you could maybe do that to yourself a bit. Could you try to push yourself? I'm not meaning to be rude obviously, but if you don't things aren't going to change mate - it will be the same as this in 10 years time. Maybe you could just try and change one thing at a time - try and get a bit of work, even just part-time at first? Then slowly build on that and your life might get a bit better?
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