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Originally Posted by jtd1974 View Post
Sorry to hear things aren't good.

Hang on in there. I remember I was up and down for a while when I started on Nardil, before things stabilized.

I had bad days and I became worried that the tablets had stopped working. But all came good in the end.

And I guess it sounds obvious, but remember the pills aren't a magical cure.

Stressful life stuff like you mention will still bring you down.

But hopefully the Nardil will act as a "safety net" and stop you falling too far.

Good luck 🙂
Thank you jtd,

I have been a over the place with nardil lately trying to figure out how it makes me feel, what my dosage should be and when I should take it. I think I figured out that I feel pretty good about 3 hours after taking 2x15 MG. That's when I start to feel happy, alert, and motivated to do things. I still have to figure out how long this lasts and when my second dose should be. Sometimes I feel I have a lot of side effects, like it's making me nervous, more anxious, unmotivated, no libido and different secusal experience. I am motivated to figure it out though but I have to say there are a lot of ups and downs lately. This morning I was fed up with everything, scared wanted to hide in my house and did not know how I would go to work this week. Now I feel fine and I want to attack life and make the most out of it.
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