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going to start watching Killing Eve....

I don't know why but Sandra Oh makes me uncomfortable because I always think about my mom when I see her lol.

My mom complained a really long time ago that asian, specifically korean visibility in American media is messed up and their view of koreans is totally out of line with how koreans see themselves and it really annoys her. Obviously hollywood has a long history of villainizing Asian people or any race besides white really (but this spiel is about asian/koreans). She called out Sandra Oh and Margaret Cho specifically (though I personally love Margaret Cho and completely disagree with my mom on her). She said that these women would never have a career in Korea but they did well in a time where asian visibility in America was pretty bad (early 00s) because they were in line with how Americans see asian women.... plain with very stereotypical asian features.

I think things are changing though. Anyway completely unrelated to Killing Eve. Nevermind. I'm in a weird mood today.
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