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Originally Posted by Hopeforall View Post
At first sight it might seems like this, but its mechanism of action based on the "pherines" does not allow it to become addictive.
And after many trials, short and long term and in vitro studies, it was not at all addictive.
I haven't looked into it obviously, because, cba.. but GABA substances are never addictive until it turns out they are.

1. barbiturate's weren't addictive, until they were.
2. benzo's weren't addictive, until they were
3. z-drugs, "no, they aren't benzo's, they aren't addictive", until they were
4. baclofen / phenibut, totally not addictive, until they were
5. gabapentin and pregabalin, definitely not addictive, until they were.

All of these substances very useful for treating anxiety, under the right circumstances, but clear addiction possibilities which means eventually they become scheduled etc.

If it raises GABA, I just file it under "meh, will be scheduled eventually". Not that I have any delusional expectations about meds. My SA is more or less tolerable now.. it's not my major problem. Relying on meds for SA is an error, imo.

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