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Religion in America is a very complex thing. It just gets more complex the more un-American you're seen.

I'm from a very anti-religious part of the US, where religion is a 4-letter word. At least Christianity is.

I was raised in a certain religion I won't mention here. I'm a closeted member of my religion - as are most of my fellow perpetual-foreigner Americans who had the misfortune to be raised in that religion. My religion is seen as cool in America, and I'm seen as uncool, so people stop dead in their tracks when I mention my religion, which I rarely do. I can see people's innate disgust, which they can't hold back, when I mention my religion to therapists and others.

I've often been accused of being Christian, and that's deeply offensive and painful to me. Christian is seen as a negative where I am, so to be asked if I'm Christian means that I'm seen negatively.

Ultimately, I don't believe in any religion (including pagan/Wiccan), or Law of Attraction, or the Goddess subculture, or Oprah/Ellen/Bernie, or any of the pseudo-spiritual crap on YouTube.

I also do not believe in the so-called "progressive," SJW, elitist, hateful, hypocritical, provincial "religion" of my area. My area is anti-religious, and religion has been replaced with its very specific and hateful SJW worldview.
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