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Originally Posted by Wunderblitz View Post
Hi, scrolled through forums and saw this. Well, I'm in college too, you know, I don't know if this will help you, but I'll say. I have a group of those fake friends, who only remember me when they need help with tasks and never call or write me otherwise. Even if I write to them, they often ignore my messages or write some one word or two word answer, ya know. As the school year ended, I managed to get two more numbers, but I don't think it'll help me. Wrote a message to one number, still no answer, haven't tried another one, but I think I'll be ignored too. So yeah, wanted to get friends to meet in summertime, "guess what, f4ck you" -life. If you want you can PM me for a chat. Be well.
aww thank you for your response, pretty much nothing's changed since I've made this post, and yeah I really dont have any friends to spend the summer with lol
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