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Starting university soon

I will be starting university soon. Getting more and more nervous.

Keep thinking about how it will the same for me at school in the past. One person who had no friend, always alone. Don't know how to talk with anybody there. Not daring to take part in any activities because not know how to deal with people.

I actually hope this time can be much enjoyable than my past experience in school. Keep telling myself to try talking to people bit by bit, every day since there still months before school starts, perhaps it will be much better when that day comes, but I still end up staying at home all by myself all the time, now I only got 2 week left before school starts.

Not sure how to deal with this especially thinking I going to interact and meet the same people almost every day, I believe things are going to stay like this or worst for the next few years.

Now I kind of hopes the day will not come so soon yet.
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