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I was quite miserable in my teen years. Constantly anxious and depressed and always left hanging and wanting more. I do miss it though for some reasons. It was just so easy I guess. Every thing was taken care of and covered for me. All I did was go to school for 4-6 hours a day and do drugs. I slept five hours a night and woke up feeling god-like. I hadn't burned all my bridges, I was taken care of, and I had a considerably larger social and family life, as constrained as it was even then.

Now I stress myself out to the point of vomiting due to finances because I live paycheck to paycheck and I can't even think of getting help most of the time because I just can't afford it. My check engine light came on today and I just about had a panic attack right there. I've been running on a quarter tank of fuel non-stop because I just can't fill it at $1.40 a litre/$4 a gallon us funds. That's just a creature comfort really, when you get down to rent and food. As I get older my friends and family drift off further and further and my chances of building up new social connections drop massively. My career prospects dwindle year by year as does it seems my chances of finding a good relationship. Nobody wants to give an adult a hand or a break while they were forked out to me all the time while younger.

I used to be quite stressed constantly because of my health in my teen years. I've turned out to be quite healthy, and it was mostly anxiety causing all sorts of symptoms. Who knows how long this will last though?
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