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Originally Posted by saccades View Post
Hoping to see whether this is something anybody else can relate to!
Like everybody else in the world, some people don't like me, and I have had a few interpersonal conflicts in my life. I know that this is normal... yet thinking about this can make me feel incredibly anxious.

I think that I'm preoccupied with the idea that not everyone I've ever interacted with likes me, because I'm afraid that other people will think that it's abnormal or deem me unworthy because of it. Just hoping to see if this is something anyone else is concerned with? I have a diagnosis of SAD... though I'm unsure whether this fear falls under that banner.

Thank you 🙂

I don't think other people will dislike you just because they've heard that someone else didn't like you. They might just wonder what the conflict is about. It's common for people to dislike other people, happens all the time. Even the most popular guys at school/work have haters somewhere lol.
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