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Originally Posted by Ckg2011 View Post
I suck and nobody will ever love me I'm going to be alone til I die. <a href="" border="0" alt="" title="" >:-)</a>

I don't even know why I continue on, there is no reason for me to continue this B.S. existence any longer. I'm sorry I am such a loser. <a href="" border="0" alt="" title="" >:-)</a><a href="" border="0" alt="" title="" >:-)</a><a href="" border="0" alt="" title="" >:-)</a>
I feel ya man.
That's a lot of hurt/self-hatred to carry around in your head. I know it's not easy to rid yourself of those sorts of feelings. But try not to let yourself hate yourself that deeply. You have value, even if you don't see it.

Hope you're feeling better or will soon. But if not, that is ok too : )

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