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I've actually been to church a couple of times. Once to a Mormon church and once to a Christian Church. I did it mostly out of curiosity, I would invite the door knocking Mormon's into my house and talk to them even tho I didn't believe what they were saying. I met a Christian guy when I was meditating at a park, he walked up to me and I introduced himself, said that he only heard god speak to him twice, this was the second time and good told him to talk to me. I hung out with his family a few times.

This was around the time I was going to a Mosque as well, I wanted to bring the religious groups of my city together and teach them true spirituality it at least just bring them together but I was a couple of years into my anxiety by then and didn't have the confidence to go through it. I feel like I could have done it and it feels like a missed opportunity but maybe that will change when I feel less jaded and better again and I'll probably go about it differently this time.
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