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Originally Posted by andy1984 View Post
sounds like they limit you as much as help you. good luck going on some dates!
Yeah they limit me. Outside of my day-program the only place I'm allowed to go on my own is Pickering Town Centre. If I wanted to go into Toronto (two of my girlfriends live there) I would have to have Mom come and do something else well I meet up with either of the two friends then meet up with Mom again. I mean seriously I'm going to be 29 a week from today. Also I have to have specialist appointments in Toronto and they don't think I would be able "understand a doctor" one of them have to be in the exam room with me. They also don't let me help with anything but supper (ie making a salad) or make fruit and yet I want to do laundry, be able to change a bed. I know I'm capable of dong laundry I did it once all summer except for once on my own because Mom was busy (either travelling or dealing with grandparents).
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