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Originally Posted by Maslow View Post
I think that's a pretty good representation of the white working class in America today. They have no hope. It's no wonder there's an opioid epidemic.

Then again, that's pretty much how I felt during my 20s, too. Of course, I had no hope for the future and never thought I'd reach the age of 30.

At least when I was a doomer, music was a lot better.
Yes someone I know from a Discord server OD'd on some benzos earlier today, had to go to hospital. They have an addiction but the doctor gave them some anyway apparently.... They made a joke at the hospital about the epidemic but apparently it didn't go over well.

In Canada too (I know the US likes to hand out that stuff like candy.)

But yes they are pain killers literally so definitely the class of drugs that would be abused in the current era.
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