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He tried to deny everything I was talking about, but I could see the look on his face that I remembered EVERYTHING. I wasn't taking his bull**** either about denying everything because I was somewhat surprised but remembered most *******s always deny the **** they did so I continued mentioning all the **** realizing during the confrontation that he was never going to admit anything at all. Even tried to get me to lower my voice but I got even louder lmao. You want to bring me in **** then I'll bring you in this **** with me.

Really it was one incident that set it off. I wasn't going to confront him like how it went cause it was just little annoying things that he did but remember how the first guy I talked about and how I confronted him cause it got physical.( I talked about him in another thread.)

Yeah, this is what happened lol. I wasn't having it when it got there. He can play little games but he made a mistake by getting physical, whatever your problem with me is, I don't care i don't play around when it comes to that.

You can call me a horrible name to my face and I might or might not retaliate. If you hit me or disrespect me physically, I will definitely retaliate or do something about it whether it's right after, a day after, or years after. I don't forget BWOYYY!!!

Going to write a lot of **** on my blog about this now and probably upload it by next next weekend. I want to get all the details before it's still fresh on my mind. I'm just glad I don't have to play nice guy to this little f u c c anymore and now he knows whats up.

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Still thinking of one.
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