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Originally Posted by Alleviate Suffering View Post
Oh wait that taxi is slowing down and oh no it thinks I was gesturing for it to stop i wasn't I just hold my hands in that weird way all the time. Ok ok i cant sign no now don't want to upset the driver. I will just ask for a short ride just ten minutes oh wait oh no he thinks I want to go to the airport now he's smiling the airport is a good fare for him don't want to upset him and cause confusion. But I will miss work ah it's ok will just tell my boss I was sick problem is I suck at these sign language explanations last time I tried to explain to my boss I was off sick he thought I saying I wanted to have sex with his wife. Oh no..

Social anxiety will always find a way to exist.
That was a good one.

Yeah, I agree - I think it would find a way to **** us up no matter how we communicate. It's more a fear of seeming to be anxious as far as I can see, not just a fear of how we sound. It's a fear of judgement or embarassment itself.
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