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I guess my 18, early 20's because right after high school despite not knowing what to do with myself in life I spent a most of my time on an online forum. It was so fun there. I made friends, talked with people, got into some toxic situations that I would had never gotten into in the real world. It felt like I was living a double life online through my mind. In a way I somewhat lost in touch with reality for a good 5 years. I'm somewhat still stuck in it. Add 3 more years to my 5. A total of 8 years.

Recently at the age of 26 I feel like I am getting back in touch with reality and with the real me. When you have no direction in life, or if your life is slow and at a standstill you will spend your time online. In reality it appear as if I wasn't experiencing but in vitural reality I was experiencing a LOT of social situations. It felt like a vitural training hologram deck.

If I think about it deeply I prefer this age of 26 and beyond because I feel wiser than what I was in my 18 and in early 20's life.
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