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(This will be cool to look back on in a few years, makes me want to keep a journal) well right now my life is ok, I have friends and I've made some new ones recently at con, which also lead into wanting to start a new cosplay hobby (something I've wanted to do for a while but didn't have the money or time for) my job doesn't schedule me a lot so I'm trying to find a new one. I'm really trying to get out with these new friends and I'm trying to start a little game group of my own at a local bar with a few people interested. It's putting myself out there and as a leader no less, which is something I've been lacking lately. I was just sort of the person who did their own thing sometimes invited friends to do things of course but due to my poor organizational skills I was never, well, an organizer. Ive also put some initiative into advirtising my art and got a few comissions going for me which I'm thrilled about! I could be more social and I think when college comes back around in the fall the loneliness could set in, but I'm at an upward place in my life which so I hope I improve so much at getting over my shyness that college will prove better for me. But most of all I'm there to learn so if not, I can improve my friendships outside of school
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