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My temper has been bad

For some reason lately, I notice when people get rude or are arrogant, it makes me very angry. Even if I'm not involved.

There been a builder working on house next door to us. They chopped down bushes and keep coming through our yard without asking. And I've been hearing that the owner of company is a jerk to everyone working over there. Well, when I found out this I got the urge to go tell him off if I see him doing anything else stupid, to show him a piece of his own.

Plus I saw a lady on TV being nasty to someone and I had the imagine in my mind to tell her off and smack her.

I don't know where this anger and rage comes from. Since usually I usually try to be a mild manner person. But it is scaring me, and I try to let it go, but when I think of it, my face turns red and I get this weird feeling.

I don't know how to get rid of it, other than not think or dwell on the thoughts. Fortunately I tend to get quiet and find a place to be alone when I get mad. But I worry I might let lose if somebody does something stupid, and I don't think first. :/

It just pisses me off when people think they're big shots and nobody can put them in their place because they work for them, etc. I feel like somebody needs to step in and cut em down to size. It really makes me angry.

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