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why do some people above here care about having sex with them? that's the last thing i'm interested in.

But yeah, i've been following up on the "spamming messages" advice and it's been helping i feel like. getting more replies. though so far all of them have stopped replying all together after like 1-5 messages. And obviously with them never asking anything. it's me that has to ask questions otherwise conversation stops all together.

If i ask a question, they never EVER ask me the same back btw. like am i supposed to just answer my own question after they reply?

It's actually crazy how this is the case for like 99% of the women i talked to. None of em seem to care enough about me even simply asking the same question back.

for example: "me: where are you from?" "her: oh i'm from xxx". and that's where it ends.
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