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Originally Posted by conantheworthless View Post
No but someone once approached me with following opening. "Do you always look so miserable?" I did the same embarrassing chuckle as you did that day.
I kinda understand why people have this impression of me. I look like I'm pissed off 24/7 but it's just me being tense for no reason, sometimes it's the opposite and I smile all the time, at those times people approach me with this "Are you laughing with me *******?" After which I get very apologetic which is also ridiculous because I was only smiling, you know...
Same, I ALWAYS look like I'm about to murder someone, so... I guess I'm not very approachable to begin with, I was asked that 'why are you making that face' question a lot when I was still in school so I guess it's why this one surprised me so much
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