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Originally Posted by andy1984 View Post
only as fairly general idea. theres no goto text or methodology backing it as far as I know.

taoism has the tao te ching. it has a more grounded philosophy (in that it's not just a general idea)

Yea I like some of the general ideas of being a stoic. Focus on What You Can Control, Accept What You Can’t / Be mindful and Distinguish between good, bad, and indifferent things. There 4 cardinal virtues are pretty good.

1 Wisdom or Prudence: Includes excellent deliberation, good judgment, perspective, good sense.
2 Justice or Fairness: Includes good-heartedness, benevolence, public service, fair dealing.
3 Courage or Fortitude: Includes bravery, perseverance, authenticity (honesty), confidence.
4 Self-Discipline or Temperance: Includes orderliness, self-control, forgiveness, humility.
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