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your dads girlfriend
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I donít hide it. Iím pretty open about the fact I have no irl friends because of my social anxiety. With the first part of her comment it sounds almost as if she wasnít trying to be rude, but it came out kind of offensive. Maybe she wants to be your friend? A way to hide the fact you donít have any friends is just to say, ďyeah, I just donít have any at this school.Ē Or if someone is rude about it say, ďnobody at this school is interesting.Ē My best friend frim the 6th grade yelled at me because I was clingy and she yelled in front of the lunch room ďdonít you have any other friends?!Ē So embarrassing, so I understand. Itís pretty freaking rude for people to ask that so bluntly.

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