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Originally Posted by anonymoususer2 View Post
Damn, did a pothead fu<k your girl or something? Take this block and maybe take some time out of your ignorant day to do some learning before being a judgmental loser.
You're the one who called me a scrub and started an argument, keyboard warrior stoner boy. What I said is true and what you're saying might be true for some people too but there's not enough evidence tho show it is. I'm not going to say someone should keep taking the **** if it's already messing with them. Where's the evidence? This study says that it's not proven

"Despite all of the publicity surrounding cannabis, remarkably few studies have been performed that examined the relationship between a possibly harmful effect of THC and a possibly protective effect of CBD. The few studies that exist on the effects of CBD show that this cannabinoid can counteract some of the negative effects of THC, although their results have not always been consistent. "

Originally Posted by RelinquishedHell View Post
Can't even manage to use the acronym in the correct order either. It's comedic evidence of ignorance lol.
Now now hell boy.
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