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Originally Posted by Thejoke View Post
I've done it only a handful of times. If I had to guess maybe 9 times in my 30 years. The first "real" time I got high, I had an edible & it was the worst experience ever. I nearly passed out, I freaked out like crazy, & it just made me even more anxious. But I noticed that after it wore off, I was very serene, and nothing really bothered me. That feeling lasted for a few days. Cannabis has become legal in California, but I feel many people still see it as trashy, or what a low life would do. I have been considering medicating with it, but i'd like to know what are peoples thoughts on it? Is there anything wrong with using weed as a way to ease up & relax? Last time I did it was a few weeks ago and it felt so good, I was so positive & loving even for a few days after. I was surprised at how different I behaved, lots of hugging my family, joy, and so positivity. Is cannabis seen as trashy?
It's pretty much getting legalized across the board. I've been getting scripts for medical marijuana before it was legalized in my state for a number of things.

I think that you have to remember that THC is a psychoactive compound and may actually increase anxiety. It doesn't seem like you're a very experienced user. That's okay man.

Instead of woofing down your bud take a hit/bite and let it sit for a while. Maybe use some CBD alternatives before hand or CBD exclusively if you don't like the high.

I use CBD vape juice before I smoke anything or use anything with thc and also higher CBD strains. there's a time and place for everything, research your strains, take notes of your reactions.

As long as you aren't disturbing others be responsible and reasonable and treat yourself.

Hope things get better for you.

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