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Originally Posted by Thejoke View Post
I recently bought some edibles off a guy who's a friend of my sister. and it was an enormous mistake. I had 1 small tiny piece of a brownie he baked and I totally lost touch with reality. It was easily the worst thing I have EVER experienced. My mind was flooded with an insane amount of negativity, too much to get into. But one of the biggest paranoias I had that night was that I thought my wife & family were trying to poison / kill me. Nothing made sense,my mind was scrambled...For a moment I literally thought I died, oh man what a ****ty night that was. I think back to some of the stuff I said and laugh but during the experience it was terrifying. It was a learning experience in a lot of ways.

I'm never buying **** off of strangers again i'm doing more research into THC and CBD, I believe his edibles were extremely potent with THC . I literally had psychosis and nothing anyone said could convince me that I was wrong. I think i'm done with edibles, I may smoke in the future after I forget that night, as long as it's a low THC strain
Wow, you def had psychosis. That's the kind of stuff that makes people kill their family, happens all the time. Be very careful with that ****.
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