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Lost control today.

Hi my first post, long time sufferer of PTSD and social anxiety.

I had to return a parcel today but the seller had given me incomplete return labels. Anyway I got to the drop off shop it was local and when I got there the lady behind the counter notified me I had the wrong labels so I asked what should I do next, she replied "it's not my job to sort out your problems". She was pretty rude about it and I should of walked off at this point but I just snapped, I started to raise and said there's no need to be so rude I was just asking a question. Immediately I could see fear on the ladies face so I quickly exited the shop feeling terrible about how I reacted.

No matter how rude she was I should of never reacted so badly. Recently keeping my temper in check is getting harder so I keep myself locked away in my flat rarely seeing others for weeks/months on end. I don't think I will ever return to those shops I'm way to embarrassed to ever show my face there again.

I know I was in the wrong I just needed to tell someone about it. It's been some time since I had a appointment with my counsellor or had any medical advice about my mental health. The NHS changed my counsellor so many times I never felt I was getting anywhere, I was just going round in circles explaining all my problems from the beginning to different strangers.

Anyway the chances are I won't be brave enough to return to this forum but I think it's great that you're here for each other.

Best wishes Charles.
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