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Pretty much what Disheveled said, if you're not a hot bombshell pretty much the only way would be by sheer numbers. The less you have going for you in life, the more people you have to go through until you find those few that do seem to click/have mild interest in you... whereas the more you have going for you in life, majority of people will be generally attracted towards you regardless of your interests/personality.

Especially true for online dating where you're basically window shopping, people will pick the best they can get. An average guy is the norm really so it's pretty difficult, my cousins show me their tinders and they're flooded by guys... quite a few of their matches were handsome/attractive and had careers going for them and my cousins still didn't want to message them lol so

I feel pretty bad for them, the ones that do get talked to, it's like a one-sided conversation and the guys are putting effort into it and looking to meet up, but then the girls get bored of them. I think some people are just there to get attention honestly.

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