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Hey whats up
Thanks for the nice comment. I really appreciate it.

Yeah, and i can really relate to how u would “avoid” songs that would trigger your “fantasies”. I would listen to a lot of rap/hip hop and pretend that i was “super-cool” and attractive in front of that person.
One suggestion I would like to make. Recentley I have found a really good program that has really helped me a lot in overcoming a lot of the emotional-mental struggles. It is called “Transformation Mastery” and it is developed by this guy called Julien Blanc. This guy has really transformed my life since he goes beyond just trying to think positive or stuff like that he really encourages you to go deep into your subconscious mind and re-experience that trauma in order to overcome it. The program is a bit pricey, as I bought it for USD 400+ but honestly it is worth every penny. I am not an affiliate marketer in anyway and dont recieve any commission in promoting his products. Just recommend his products as he really changed the way i see my social anxiety. This is not a quick fix and it will take my effort and time to overcome it but i suggest you check it out.
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