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Originally Posted by conantheworthless View Post
I hide my SA as if it's the greatest sin. The only reason nobody recognizes it though is that nobody knows SA exist.
Anyway I hate when people perceive me as weak ( which is 100% what I am though) so I will never get it out in the open, that's why I'm here.

That's interesting. I feel I'm almost super human strong. I've gone through so many problems because of my SA, and the SA has meant I've gone through them alone, whereas I see that normal people have help and support. Also, despite being frightened, I force myself in to social situations. In the hope (still, at 62!) that it will get easier.

So now I'm wondering why I don't tell anyone about my SA. Different reasons.

I don't tell my kids, because I don't want them to worry about their genes. I don't tell my sister, because she hates any slight deviant from "normal" . I don't tell medical services because experience has taught me they won't understand or help.

I did , once, tell a friend that people scared me and he made a silly face like a monster.

Thank you all for your replies. You're very accepting and kind.
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