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Originally Posted by Keyblade View Post
it must be because they're probably overloaded with messages by other guys and dont put as much attention to the chats since we only have 1 girl to message at a time.

I've always wanted to have a family with a son/daughter before i turned 30. No way i'm gonna make this

I turn 28 in a couple months.
I slept with about 10 women from dating sites, and about half were only in maybe 4 or 5 months time. I am also below average in looks and very awkward and have no friends. I have now given up dating for a long time and am not online dating for a while. The only way you can really do well is by copying and pasting the same message to like 100 women a day. It should be your own unique message and crafted well but there are not enough hours in a day to send unique messages. A ton of profiles who look real are actually bots. Most women who get your message are getting so many messages a day that if you are not Fabio they will just ignore it, so what sense is there to send unique messages? Plenty of Fish was letting me send about 45 copy and paste messages a day maximum but I closed my account. Once you get ACTUAL messages, THEN write something unique or interesting. Average looking women on dating sites are in such high demand that they will only date Brad Pitt types and if the woman is a knockout like a 9 or 10, she will be expecting James Bond. Any message you send even if it takes you 20 minutes to think of a response, should be somewhat clever and well thought out. You are better writing a witty sharp 7 word reply than a long BS message telling your life story. The shorter and more to the point the better. You want to seem in demand and they could even chase you. They are so used to their inboxes flooded with creeps with long bizarre messages, if you write something that makes them think, that is better, you want to stand out. Also, if you think a girl on a dating site is interested, STILL message like dozens of other women (copying and pasting). You aren't a jerk for doing that, if you like her, you can then commit and get serious, but initially to have any chance you have to message a TON of women. Also, after 2 or 3 messages, suggest meeting. Why? Because most women on those sites have no intention of meeting. If they say no, who cares, you can't tell if you have chemistry with someone through a computer. If they agree to meet, you need to man up and go out there as stressful as it is. I was with some 9's and 10's in looks but i was also with 1's and 2's in looks. You just have to go with the flow. There are some gorgeous women who are lonely and looking for nice guys or some unique guy even who doesn't have their stuff together. It is rare but it happens. It all comes down to your ability to BS in person.
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