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Dating sites are making me mad

I've been trying dating sites (a paid one, okcupid, tinder..) for like a year now (on and off) and all i've gotten is 1 date that didn't lead anywhere.

95% of the time, any message i send either gets ignored or read but never replied to.

if there is a reply, then it is a 1 way train and i'm the only one running the conversation.

I'm not only bad in conversation but also (below) average looking and it's just not working out for me.

I'll never be able to find someone IRL either because i refuse to go to places alone and i have no close friends.

i'm so doomed. Everyday i get more and more depressed. I just wish i was atleast better looking. Then i atleast would be able to get more chats going. Now i get basically none... Atleast i could practice more with more matches/messages.

Whenever i'm out in public alone, i feel so awkward. i'd never be able to start a conversation with a girl in public. I also have issues looking at the person's eyes when i talk myself and i stumble over words. I tend to look in opposite directions because i'm so unsure about everything i say.

It's just frustrating me so badly... I'm just not in the mood to do anything.

I'm a hopeless romantic. I'm a sweet guy that only wants to make other people happy... Getting a GF would make me so much happier. I know this because of my EX (don't even ask, idk how i managed that...)

i've also gained quite a bit of weight since that EX though i'm working on losing weight again but i'm sure it's not just that.. i just don't know anymore...

Honestly, if i would just fall asleep and never wake up, i wouldnt mind at this point...

Thanks for reading if you get this far.
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