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Originally Posted by Disheveled and Lost View Post
I would not even bother changing who you are and being positive all the time, not even worth it. I am kind of in the middle between negative and positive in my outlook but everyone I meet things I am super negative. The problem is that people are so far on the spectrum of positive all the time that they don't even know who they are or what they are saying half the time. I am convinced people just agree with and accept anything, as long as they can stay on their stupid positive kick. God forbid anyone actually stands up for what they believe in or at the very least have honest opinions that don't deviate from the phony nonsense.

I know you are saying those are natural but anything with a million ingredients can't be truly natural. St John's wort might be natural on some level, but weed smokers also claim that it is "natural" or people who take shrooms. Weed messed me up badly when I smoked over 20 years ago, I was a nervous wreck and paranoid. Just because something is supposedly "natural" doesnt mean it can't have negative effects. I personally would quit all that crap and just either run or eat fruits and vegetables and drink a ton of water. Everything in LIFE has downsides, so anything "natural" will still have negative effects on some level
I understand what you're saying and would love not to have to take anything, butbefore the lithium I was having suicidal thoughts almost everyday.

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