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Originally Posted by anonymoususer2 View Post
Been in a bind for a while now and I think I'm just at this point of fu-k it, and fu-k anxiety. I've been completely home bound for over a year now and a number of things have gone on and I'm ready to take a major leap in my life in moving forward. Finding treatment, moving out from home, therapy, social security in the meantime until I can be a normal human being again..
In the last few years, I had a good therapist but only saw him every 3 months or so, and see a psychiatrist every 4 months. They are both great, but the bottom line is, there is only so much you can cover with a person. I have been in therapy forever with that person, and he can't fix me. The only real value i guess is just being able to vent, but for 45 minutes every week or month, how much good does that do? I have been to about 900 pro sports games and went to all the best games and even dated gorgeous women briefly, and none of it really made me happy, I am now alone and back to square one. My luck with people completely ran out a few years ago. I would just go on this site and go to message boards and reddit and whatever. Support groups or therapy and psychiatrists like i said, they are very short sessions and they have the next people scheduled right before and after you.

I spent about 7 years never leaving my room and playing video games from about 1995-2003. I was completely terrified of the world. I still am basically but i go to a ton of movies and games and created a business on ebay which takes like 50 or 60 hours a week. I am still miserable as far as not having a social life, but i know what it is like to not see daylight or leave for weeks or months or years basically except for a few exceptions.

You have to go in steps. You can't just do everything all at once. You need to be able to take walks or just go to the park and sit in an isolated spot with headphones or a book. That is like one of the most basic things you can do, or go to a library, if any even exist anymore hehe. You need to get used to physically being around people before you can commit to more involved things. If you don't want to sit in the park for 2 hours, then go for a walk 5 blocks down. Whatever other more detailed plans you have or advice won't mean much if you can't physically leave. You need to make small steps like walk 5 blocks then walk a mile the next week. Just getting advice online is not enough.

Other than that, I have generalized anxiety but the world is a scary place literally, so I don't blame anyone for being scared to face the world. I am still scared, and in this society or any society, you are never really fully safe, especially in a big city, so having anxiety like that is kind of justified
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