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Originally Posted by Cool Ice Dude55 View Post
@Disneywoman is there a reason why your parents control your life so much when you're 29?

Just because I'm special needs they don't want me to go into Toronto on my own because either I could get lost (despite going every year to various things with my Mom and in recent years getting around Toronto on two legs and no transit-besides the Go Train or my doctor's appointment with my dad in Toronto) or they're afraid I could have a meltdown or be arrested by cops by causing a scene of some kind (I have a story about dad was afraid of someone calling the police because I was making a scene at a Tim Hortons someplace because they forgot to mention I wouldn't be able to have pop for supper despite it I think being Friday? and we were eating OUT).

I mean even I was to meet a friend who lives in Toronto I would have Mom have to take me TO Toronto and she would do X while I meet up with Friend and Mom and I would meet up together and do something else and then come home together. (the family went to a counsellor last year-only once- and that what Mom said when I brought up wanting to see friends in Toronto).

It took me like sort of 3 tries in a sense for me to be even allowed to go to Pickering Town Centre on my own. The first time I wanted to I had to agree to go instead to Oshawa Centre. The 2nd time I did it behind my parents back because I DID NOT want to go to O.C. again and Mom didn't seem upset w/ me or anything afterwards. Then 3rd time i was allowed to go on my own w/ no problems-no sneaking behind parents back or having to go to a different mall.

I mean my parents don't even let me go into a doctor's room by myself when I'm at doctor's appointments (Toronto's or otherwise) because they're afraid I wouldn't understand. Every doctor (well resident in Toronto) and other doctors ask me if i want to become pregnant in the future and in the past it wasn't such a big deal-but this time it was with all 3 of my girlfriends getting engaged- even now the most recently example is a (male, Married) school friend's little sister is engaged and she's only 7 years younger then her eldest brother and myself.

Whenever I bring up that I don't want to be alone in the future-when they aren't here or are mentally not here- they're either "We will deal together in the future" but I want to deal with it NOW since the choices at the moment stand:

1)have family look after me and all but one of them is older then me from 14 years older then me to a year older then.
2)have my currently engaged GFS/their future families look after me (and all 4 of them are my age)
3)Complete stranger look after me.

I would like option 4:
have "other half"/our kids look after me instead

or they're like "If a partner comes for you it will be in time"-but I'm not exactly going to find "Prince Charming" waiting around for a prince to come like Snow White by sitting on my chair at home when my "Prince Charming" might be out THERE in the world I can only occasionally join.

Note: I wasted my time earlier but i still have to try by asking my three now-engaged girlfriends if they knew anyone available-I don't think they do but its one of the things that online says "ask people ie friends"
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