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I hear you, I went through a phase when I couldn't handle any news whatsoever. Then I learnt that it's okay to ration the news, and not to read it if I'm already not feeling my best and might just get worked up or upset further.

When you do read/watch the news, you need to read/watch it for bias. Even if you ignore the news that is completely removed from factual reality (Sky News, etc.), you will still be left with biased news, because to be interesting, news has to contain narrative. Narrative is deceptive by its very nature, because a journalist has to add some 'meat' onto the facts and will unconsciously bias them through the sheer choice of words, if nothing else. However, it can be fun to read with the question "what's a fact and what's interpretation?" in mind.

A way to enjoy the news and not to let it skewer your view of the world is to seek out some good news to balance the bad. And not just of the "and finally...panda in the Hong Kong zoo had a baby" variety. There is good news out there. Find it!

And when I feel really down about the way the world is...I go and read the subreddit r/HumansBeingBros

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