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Permanently tired
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I feel like my life is just a trap of an increasingly frustrating and annoying routine which it seems I can never escape, like Harold Smith from the Just Desserts episode in Powerpuff Girls.

I'm sick of doing the same crap every day, getting called by my mother to open the garage which no one has bothered to fix for 4293402 years, having to force myself out of bed for people who are so selfish with their own money they prefer spending it on vacations and cars than fixing their own house. I'm sick of my brother messing up the bathroom which I have to keep cleaning up after him and having to hear him showering and opening and closing doors in the morning and when he gets home. I hate this house so bad but I'm scared I'll never leave. I just want to go off on my own somewhere already and live in peace...Please god. At the very least, grant me this sort of independence, since I can't off myself. Recently I keep fantasizing just being able to just get away from rude, obnoxious *******s and all these other little, but rage-inducing issues for the rest of my life though that's probably a pipe dream.

"So many resources keep me alive
Yet I don't even step outside
So many sacrifices keep me alive
Yet I don't even bother to survive."

"If you think we waste too much then you can sacrifice yourself
Don't push your values
Push your values
Onto the crowd."

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