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There's no real cultural feminist revolution because porn and prostitution are rebranded as ''empowering'' for women in the mainstream and mainstream feminism in the West. The contest creators just figured out it's old-fashioned kind of sexim now so they won't show it on national television to appear politically correct. But then same old objectification is repackaged and presented as ''feminist''. That's how far political correctness goes.

Btw it's new for me to find out that these contests are being watched, let alone cared about. (In some Eastern European countries they have a bunch of contests like this in every university and every town and city, but I thought Americans have moved on from that even though it's something they invented). Although you don't have to watch it and care about on a regular basis to freak out about the rules kinda changing. This alone must feel like the Apocalypse to men judging by their reactions. How come the media is not going to cater to them by depicting women as sex objects 100% percent of the time and now it's only 95% of the time on television plus unlimited access to tonns of that on the internet? Oh my God, that's real feminist revolution, women's anarchy that's turning into matriarchy, we should rebel against it now!!!!

Sorry for not currently replying to your posts addressed to me. I will do that later (hopefully in a few days) because now I can't Please, don't take it personally because you have nothing to do with it.
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