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Originally Posted by Micronian View Post
this rant would make more sense if there wasn't also a sizeable population of women TV viewers and participants in beauty contests, from the local to the international. I don't know whose original idea it was to have beauty contests (likely it was men), but it's not like there's no interest from women themselves.

nevertheless, I still think beauty contests are outdated.
Of course, nothing makes sense to you because you're ignorant about women and how society works and your thinking is super simplified just like those who say this contest is equivalent to body building contest. It just never goes beyond ''I see that. So that means it's really the way I see that and there's nothing more going on.'' Or/And ''Most people say it's that/I was made to believe most of my life it's that. Therefore that means it's that.'' That's what men backlashing against feminism are like. I'm not even going to start talking about gender socialization and social expectations from women because it's pointless. Because to any obvious to me statement you'll come up with even more simple ignorant questions that were answered 1000000000s of times.

Sorry for not currently replying to your posts addressed to me. I will do that later (hopefully in a few days) because now I can't Please, don't take it personally because you have nothing to do with it.
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