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no human ever done anything for/with/about me

absolute regret existing from day one. blind eyes turned on me. scoff.

i do all for everyone. most precious asset of theirrrr businesses. fixing, improving, all their stuff. nobody listens. autism never accepted.

i teach fraggles... retards. they all blind. starting with my 2 parents, elder brother.. 1975.. 1980 school. taught outright English, maths, Latin, all science. Never know any meat/animal/human person being capable of using their own native language! single-celled organism/mind. my age 4 i worshipped all teachers and vice versa too. 1994 school perfect. real world just revealed to me.. nothing real. apes. zombies. just the word stupid describes all humans except teachers. doctors 50:50. musicians.. sport - lowest level organic life.

worker |<------recruiter / lawyer /----->| employer

LIFE = LUCK. No magic. someone made a fluffy subjective decision which affected you and will forever
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