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Originally Posted by SorryForMyEnglish View Post
But look, women got this one music video and this one song from the 80's dedicated to them! It's a proof everything's equal! No, not even equal, it's institutional matriarchy and female gaze dominating the media and men's minds making them paint their faces, wear skimpy clothing, dumb themselves down, get rid of any personality or not to have one in the first place and dance like this and parade in front of women to gain their interest!!!! Men, wake up you've had enough, wake up that cave beast that lives inside each one of you and rebel NOW!!
this rant would make more sense if there wasn't also a sizeable population of women TV viewers and participants in beauty contests, from the local to the international. I don't know whose original idea it was to have beauty contests (likely it was men), but it's not like there's no interest from women themselves.

nevertheless, I still think beauty contests are outdated.

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